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Checking In (& Marking Time)

If I don't see him heading my way already, I do hear his trot as he gets near.  Sometimes he rises from within his crate and makes a beeline to where I'm sitting.  At other times, he hops down from one of the two perches in the living room as "puppy TV" goes to commercial ("puppy TV" is when one or both boys look out to the world via windows or doorways to ensure all is good and calm 'out there').  When he comes to me, he approaches slowly and gently lays his little head on my leg and presses his nose into my belly.  Then he leans in and waits.  His head is down so his eyes are not visible - he cannot see me or what I might be doing.  I'm told that burying the face and shielding his eyes is a sign of trust.  As he loves on me, I return the gift of love, and we melt together in gentle caresses and warm nuzzles.  He knows I'm his daddy and I know he's my baby.  My "sweet, sweet, puppy paws".  My dear Gibbs.

When he does this, I call it "checking in".  Nothing has really happened.  It's not feeding time.  He's not anxious or needy.  I didn't call him, nor was he really stirring.  Just out of the blue, he's there and we have that sweetest, gentle moment of communion with one another.  I've had many pets over the years, but I cannot remember one who has been so content to just be with me.  Gibbs is one of the sweetest gifts to me and for us. 

It can be hard at times to remember fortune has not been fair to this dear creature of God.  The runt of his litter, we found him at the shelter and Mulligan ("the big guy") said it might be okay to bring this one home.  That was a true blessing.  But a while later, after developing an abscess on his snout, we learned through a strange series of circumstance Gibbs suffers from renal dysplasia.  In simpler terms, when he came through the assembly line, the technicians responsible for kidneys were found deficient in their execution of installation or quality control.  He is missing one kidney altogether, and the other bit of kidney is little much else but decorative.  As we shared with any and all, there's a reason why he's with us.  We love him, and will continue loving him for as long as we have him.

He remains active, curious, and playful.  If he throws us a scare by not eating his food, we test him with treats, which he always takes.  We have a water filtration pitcher to give him the best possible water, and his feed is a special kidney-friendly version which our veterinarian keeps in stock.  We indulge him in so many ways, but if you don't yet know him, you'd agree he deserves every bit of it.  

I've joked that if love could heal this animal, he'd be a kidney donor several times over by now. At times, I'm tempted to take him in for another sonogram just to see.

Anyway, this post was to start out differently, but my dear puppy distracted me.  I was going to write about Time - how it's been weird and curious in different ways of late, and what I might be being taught, should I be open to learn anything from it.  But Gibbs just came back to 'check in' again.  Me thinks it's his way of saying "That's enough about me, Dad.  Don't bore the poor people who bother to read this."  He is so sweet and we are so blessed by his presence.  When I look in his eyes, I see God.  I feel God's awesome love and gentle presence.  God is very near and we dearly love one another.  We'll just let that be the lesson for now.


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Jul. 30th, 2009 08:23 pm (UTC)
truly unconditional love
except when he eats my...um...unmentionables.
and your post isn't boring...not to me.
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