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Feeding Many, Again

Today's Gospel (provided you follow the Lectionary in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) or use Forward Day By Day) comes from Mark 8: 1-10.  It is the story of Jesus feeding the four thousand.  In it, he speaks of his compassion for the people who have been with him.  You would think the disciples might see where this was headed.  Jesus had already fed the five thousand, so making much for so many out of so little had happened before.  Yet they still ask, "But where in this remote place can anyone get enough bread to feed them?" 

I've noted here before a high school classmate of mine named Robert Egger.  Robert & I played soccer together, were both in the marching band, and clowned around a lot during school (I was a cut-up in class, but he was our Class Clown). And also a budding activist.  Robert used to advocate for some rather quirky causes: mood rings in school, the Release Patty Hearst Movement, and so on.  To be in his company would always leave you marked indelibly with a sense of joy and laughter.  And even when major surgery to straighten out his back put him in a 3/4 body cast, a sense of peace and love always emanated from him.

Robert is the founder of the D.C. Central Kitchen.  The Kitchen collects leftover food from hotels and banquet halls, properly handles and repackages it, and then carries it out to the various shelters in our area.  They also extend a hand to the homeless to help them help themselves: through encouragement, job training programs and continuing education, certification and licensing, and placement assistance, DCCK aids folks in finding new life through employment in the food preparation business.  WTOP recently did a short piece (http://wtop.com/?nid=25&sid=1730156) to mark the twenty years DCCK has done its thing.  I commend it to your reading.  Also, please check out DCCK's website at http://www.dccentralkitchen.org/ for more information, including volunteer opportunities.

The Gospel and D.C. Central Kitchen are both stories about how 'The Lord Will Provide'.  If you read the WTOP piece or checked out the DCCK website, you'd see that they prepare 4,000 meals a day.  How's that for a God-incident!  There is daily bread.  When it is blessed, broken and given, there is food enough to sustain them.  In heart, mind, body and soul. Feeding many, again and again and again.

Thanks be to God!