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Those Darned Varmits!

Here's a little church humor to brighten your day - courtesy of someone at the Big Old Seminary....  

There was a little town with three churches: Baptist, Presbyterian, and Episcopalian. One year they were having a huge problem with squirrels invading the town. All the clergy were together talking about their plans. 

One week the Baptist minister came in and said they were having a tent revival and praying for the squirrels. 

That just brought more squirrels.

A little while later the Presbyterian minister came in and said his church had tried a catch-and-release program taking the squirrels way out in the country. 

The squirrels still came back. 

A little while later, all the squirrels were gone.

The clergy were shocked and amazed until they talked to the Episcopal priest who said, "We decided to baptize them so they'd be Episcopalian squirrels and now they only come on Christmas and Easter."

Go figure.