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Sound Bytes from Orientation

The first few days of August Term have been easy, but then Biblical Language starts next week so that could all change quickly.  Its been getting a lot of information (the VTS Handbook as well as through oral briefings); and giving even more information by filling out contact forms, waivers, and sign-ups; taking photos for IDs and the directory; and completing the on-line demographic questionnaire for accreditation purposes.  Throw in the first plenary sessions for Oral Interpretation of Scripture (OIOS), some overview/demos regarding intranet access and using Blackboard, and a very entertaining and informative walking tour of the campus.... as you can see, this does not constitute 'heavy lifting' here.... at least, not yet.

But scanning my notes, some quotes emerge to say much about where we are now and what we'll be about for the next three years:

"Living in gratitude - that's the heart of the Gospel, and what we encourage here."

"It is less about what you know, and more about who you are".

"Chapel, Class, Lunch - we worship together, we learn together, and we break bread together."

"How's your prayer life?"

"Four words to remember as you pray: Please, Thank You, I'm Sorry and Why?"

"The 1982 Hymnal is the 'soundtrack' of The Holy BIble and the Book of Common Prayer."

"Ooooh, Aaaah, YES!, Good Night, Good Morning, AMEN!, and to 'clap, hoot, holler & whistle." (responses during the Creation story)

"Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, but God has all the corner pieces - we never get the full picture!"

"Being a 'neighbor' is intentionally placing yourself in the path of the other."

"The point of worship at VTS in not Sunday."

"With music, we take a "buckshot approach" in the hopes of touching everyone in some way."

"'B' is the standard here (not an A)."

"Participation is more important than quality."

"The Living God is BIGGER than that which is bound between these two covers (The Holy Bible)."

"It all starts with prayer."

Tomorrow we meet in our small group for worship at our Advisor's home, and will receive course materials for the Fall Semester.  Then more work about 'Living Together in Community' and the other plenary session for OIOS before break-out groups begin work next week.  And Friday afternoons holds the promise for engaging in a little fut'bol (soccer) in the Trotter Bowl.  

Yep.  It's all good right now.