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Always We Begin Again

"Always We Begin Again".  

This is a promise for all of us.  It also happens to be a book title regarding a Rule of Life - "Always We Begin Again: The Benedictine Way of Living".  Chrissie passed me this book by John McQuiston II as I started my search for a Spiritual Director.  Along with that, I have also begun to consider my own Rule of Life.  McQuiston II's book is short in length, and not hard to read at all.  I am purposefully moving through it slowly so as to let its content and meaning dwell with me, rather than rushing through it, tossing it over, and not realizing its benefit.  This is his own "translation" of the Rule of Saint Benedict for he needed to make it something current and appropriate for who he is, and where and when he lives.  

McQuiston II interpreted Benedict by writing: "Every day carries the potential to bring the experience of heaven; have the courage to expect good from it.  Be gentle with this life, and use the light of life to live fully in your time".  I can do this each day.  I should do this every day.  "Always We Begin Again".   

Although I have been living into it during the course of this past year since leaving Visa USA (yes, it is one year ago come March 11), the initial attempt at composing my Rule of Life feels very preliminary.  As preparation, I had combed the internet for articles, exercises and examples of Rules.  Then I just started to write one.  It seems to capture some of what I do (or try to do), but it certainly does not articulate all I could do or should be doing.  So I will consider it "a work in progress, a living document".  I imagine it will be subject to change over time.  

Today, my aim is to live life with a sense of awe and wonder, to be good and do good, and to always be thankful.  Tomorrow, I'll begin again.