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I'm Still Here

Lest anyone who stops by occasionally worry, be not afraid.  I know that my Redeemer liveth.  And I shall also.

It's Friday afternoon after the first full week of August Term at the Big Old Seminary and quite honestly, I'm a little tuckered out.  Amidst rolling sessions of Orientation which continue until the Labor Day break, there are hefty doses of Biblical Language (Greek for me) in the morning and Oral Interpretation of Scripture in the afternoon.  Some morsels of Greek are taking root, but not enough yet, and Oral Interpretation - also known as "Read & Bleed" - is sometimes called that for a reason (more on that later).  I've attended chapel every weekday for either Morning Prayer or a mid-day Wednesday Corporate Communion and enjoyed a wonderful salad and soup bar each day (the expectation that all students, faculty & staff engage "fellowship at meals" together at lunch).  It is stressed here that the three-legged stool of life at the BOS revolves around "Chapel, Class and Lunch".  I've also met several times with my faculty advisor about classes for the fall (finally submitting my registration today), and have even kicked a soccer ball around with friends in the "Trotter Bowl".  

There is plenty of homework to be done this weekend, but it will wait.  I now step back for some rest and recreation, come as it may.  I feel your prayers and I sense your presence in this work I have begun.  I have not lost sight of any of you who have encouraged me and loved me along the way.  I continually give thanks to Almighty God for each and every one of you.

ειρήνη υμίν!  (Peace be with you!)


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Aug. 24th, 2009 08:32 pm (UTC)
Hi David, glad to see you at BOS, where I was 3 years ago at this very time. I took Hebrew rather than Greek. Hope all is well with you, and I pray for your vocation. Peace be with you.
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