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A New Rhythm of Life

Has it really been fifteen days since I posted last?  I've tried, but either my time was too short to do much, or what was left of my grey matter was too little to offer anything worthwhile.  But August Term, that three week period of part orientation/part class, has come and gone.  There's plenty to learn about life in seminary with that center piece, the three-legged stool of "Chapel, Class and Lunch", firmly situated in the middle of just about everything.  It includes a bunch of expectations, obligations and opportunities which are all rolled up into one big ball of excitement.  There are new friends to meet, different personalities to identify with or navigate carefully, numerous stories to hear and a great many things about various lives to appreciate.  We have all been called in one way or another to be new and different servants of God to God's people.  And amidst all of it, there are mostly calm, but sometimes hectic, rhythms which ebb and flow through it.

With the conclusion of August Term, the Casa hosted a Toga Party.  No faculty or staff came, but a few indicated they would have had they been in town.  I had hoped more would come, but those who did made it a fun time.  Most everyone came resplendent in some form of toga, pretty much meeting the common theme of a Casa party: anything from blue jeans to tiaras.  There was food, drink, fellowship and fun.  I imagine our neighbors were quite curious about those people over there who chatted up the evening into the early morning on the back deck.  Fall Term begins Tuesday after a picnic in the Grove tomorrow afternoon for Labor Day.

The other fun thing has been visiting different parishes for worship.  Today while Heart Of My Heart returned home to Grace to sing, I walked through the neighbor to a nearby church.  St. Clement Episcopal Church is in Alexandria, on Quaker Lane, and roughly a 1/2 mile from the Casa.  I walk by it almost everyday when I do my exercise walk.  I've been there before for Region meetings and church business, but had never worshiped there before today.  It was a small gathering of folk due to the holiday weekend, but a joyful celebration none the less.  No new wrinkles in the liturgy, except for the Rector introducing each reading before the lector(s) or deacon read, and a different tune to The Lord's Prayer (contemporary version).  Other than that, it was very familiar and comfortable.

So there are new rhythms, different flows, and various times of opportunity and the need for rest.  Consequently, my blogging has been less of late even while I have gotten back into some individual journaling work alone.  I hope those of you who stop by will continue to look in from time to time, and keep praying without ceasing for me and others during this wonderful and exciting time of education and formation.  I am, they are, we all are where we should be, as God continues God's good works with us all, begun, continuing and ending in Him.

Thanks be to God.