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Hard Tickets To Get

For a long time, we have been buying Redskins tickets from the family of my retired dentist.  They have had season tickets for a great many years, but sadly found it more difficult to get to the games. Once "Doc" learned about "SUPR FAN" and my love of the Washington Redskins, we made a connection and began buying their tickets.  It was customary for me to make a semi-annual appointment prior to the start of the NFL's regular season with a schedule marked up with game/dates which interested us enough to want to buy their tickets.  The schedule would accompany the bag of checks from patient visits which made its way home to the Mrs. who served as his bookkeeper.  She would eventually call, we'd confer about the tickets available, check ticket prices parking pass, and then arrange for a check drop-off/ticket pick-up.  When "Doc" closed his practice and retired, and I had to find a new dentist, the conferring/arranging was initiated by 'Mrs. Doc'. It was a great relationship and we appreciated the tickets, the seats, the experience and the opportunities.

Now that we're in seminary, we have had to stop our purchase of tickets for ourselves, but was caught up in helping them off-load their tickets.  Aside from the obvious cost of an enterprise which we can no longer afford (easily), there's the very real consideration a graduate program will require much of my time and energy in order to do well.  So, while I can afford myself the "three hallowed hours on Sunday" to watch Redskins games on TV, we no longer have the luxury of time to make a day of it at the football stadium.  I'll miss being with "my people" at Fed Ex, however we plan to start a new tradition of tailgating at the house and will welcome seminarian classmates over for games, food, drink and fellowship along with the rest of our family, friends and football buddies.

I'd learned recently the doctor's health had taken a turn for the worse.  I did not fully understand the extent of his infirmities, but it required an extended hospital stay before he was brought back home.  Sadly it sounded like his whole system was just shutting down on him.  When I arrived this morning for the regular check-for-tickets exchange, I learned "Doc" had passed away at home Saturday night.  His bride of almost 62 years (their wedding anniversary was the next day after he died) was wholly distraught and in complete anguish, but persevered through to complete this final transaction with me.  My heart sank at first, but then I began to give thanks for him, for her, and for them.  It was hard to be there for the purpose that brought me, but I began to see the greater purpose of my being there "in the here and the now".  Many decisions have been left for the family to deal with, and it will be hard for them.  They seek only to honor him by doing the right thing.  I tried to assure her whatever they choose to do will honor him because they first have all that love for and admiration of him.  Husband and father, companion and friend.  

I am sad at his passing, but grateful for having known him.  His work is evident in my mouth, and I have many memories of our visits.  He was a remarkable man, and he will be missed by many.  May our Creator, Sanctifier and Redeemer bless him and comfort them, keeping them all in the palm of His hand during this time of bereavement and transition. Rest in Peace, dear Anthony.  Your good works are now done, true and faithful servant.  

In closing, because I believe "Doc" expects nothing less from me, I will offer for him, for them, and for all of us, a hearty and glad "Hail to the Washington Redskins!"


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Sep. 8th, 2009 09:51 pm (UTC)
10/4's the THINK PINK! game.
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