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Convocation & Honors

Today and tomorrow, it's Convocation, which is effectively Homecoming for the Alumni/ae, at the Big Old Seminary.  Lots of folks are flocking back to The Holy Hill.  Some I know and many I've not yet met. The folks I know were seminarians at some time in the past like I am now.  I hope and pray I can walk the path they have trod.

Tonight was the Academic Convocation (Evensong) and Conferring of Honorary Degrees.  Since I'm in the Seminary choir, I had a great seat.  Three impressive men were recognized tonight.  And throughout the evening, while we queued up for the procession, came into the chapel, sang and prayed, and witnessed the honors, I tried to drink it all in. I looked around to see everything as it may have been some thirty-five years ago when two special men in my life were students there themselves.  That would be my Dad and his classmate who would eventually become my father-in-law.  

There were strong feelings moving about within me tonight.  Pride and Honor.  I'm proud of my father and father-in-law. Neither one could be here.  I missed being able to share this with them.  I hope that in some small way my being now here honors them.  They deserve that, and so much more.  D & G, I love you both.


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Oct. 23rd, 2009 09:13 am (UTC)
With apologies to West Point
On big ol' Seminary
On to the fray;
Fight on to victory,
For that's seminal-ian way.
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