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Baby Pup is Ailing

Gibbs has renal dysplasia.  He's missing one kidney and has hardly enough of the other one to count it.  We've known about this for a while now.  He has fared better than anyone expected.  But it isn't fair at all that this creature so sweet should suffer.  Gibbs is a gentle loving soul who is not fully formed. What a tour de force he already is.  Imagine the possibilities if he hadn't leapt out of the kidney line so fast.  I'd hoped all the love we've tried to heap upon him would heal him, maybe even give him a few extra kidneys by now so he could become a donor.  But apparently that's not the way this will play out ... for him or for us.

Lil' Dude had become more finicky about food of late, and Mom Dog has tried numerous different options to keep Lil' Dude eating.  His habits have changed (lots more sleeping, not so much eating, with other bodily function changes also) and even some curious nervous ticks have manifested themselves (like licking clean stones and gnawing on them). Consequently, Gibbs has lost weight, become lethargic, is anemic, and his blood urea nitrogen (BUN), Creatinine and potassium levels now eclipse the measurement capabilities of scales at the vet hospital while his red blood cell count has plummeted.  

So Baby Gibbs is in the hospital for a short stay (hopefully) to get rehydrated, flushed, and perhaps transfused.  We like our doctor and the care Gibbs gets.  We know the hospital is doing the very best for our boy.  And while we know the writing is on the wall, we don't care to see or read what it says just yet.  It is always too soon.  There's never enough time.  And, yes, it does hurts.

Mulligan knows something's out of whack because we snuck Gibbs out while the Big Guy was out back.  When I brought him in and quickly treated him, I then scooted out the door.  Only afterward did Mulligan likely realize the house was too quiet and something was amiss.  When I called the hospital this afternoon, I should have asked for details regarding his counts, but I didn't really want to know.  So I didn't ask.  I was told Gibbs was resting comfortably while getting IV fluids and medicine to help his intestines feel better.  But Heart Of My Heart needed to know more so she called to ask the doctor to call with specifics.  When we came home from church tonight, his message greeted us.  And it all sounds bad.

We remain hopeful.  We've had him longer than expected, but still not nearly long enough.  Lord, please help our baby.... and us.