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Prayers for Haiti

Courtesy of a classmate at the Big Old Seminary -

A Prayer for Haiti by Josh Thomas

      O Father of the poor and Mother of the oppressed: Enfold in your arms the suffering people of Haiti.  Comfort those in mourning; relieve those in pain; give shelter to the homeless and hope to those in despair.  Feed your people, O God, with bread both earthly and divine, and give them your water and wine.  Help them bury the dead, nurse the sick and wounded, and raise their faith and dignity, for they are some of your dearest children.  Silence those who falsely claim that Haiti is somehow accursed; proclaim the truth that this vibrant, creative nation still shines as a beacon of freedom throughout the Americas.  And help us, the nations of the world and the people of means, to help rebuild this colorful land in the image of your Son Jesus Christ, who knows our suffering because he took our mortal pain into his own body on the Cross; then rose again to live and reign with you and the Holy Comforter.  Amen.


From Lifting Women's Voices: Prayers to Change the World (Morehouse 2009)

After Natural Disaster by Wende Wheeler

      Almighty and merciful God, your people are suffering in the wake of this natural disaster.  As we struggle to imagine its scope and comprehend the pain and loss, so that we may be your agents in relief we lift our voices to you in prayer:

      For all those who have lost their lives, that you have received them into your arms of mercy and love

      For all those who grieve, having lost children, parent, family, friends, neighbors, and community, and for all those who are still searching, that they may sense the solace of your presence;

      For all those who are sick, injured or suffering, and for those have lost their homes and belongings, that they may find healing and the strength to continue, and the: resources rebuild their lives;

      For all those who go to provide food, shelter, sanitation, rnedical care, and other aid, serving as your hands to comfort, heal and help, that they may be strengthened to do difficult work in devastating conditions;

      For all those around the globe who look on in shock and anguish, that you may fill our hearts with compassion for those in need, showing us how you wish us to pray and reach out in the face of such suffering, and not turn from its enormity;

      For all of your people, that such evens on this earth should not shake our faith.  Help us to recognize that our suffering is your suffering, and that your love can be found even in the darkest places.  Allow us to see how all of humanity is bound inextricably together, even as we seek your truth in different languages, faiths, cultures, and traditions.  Help us to accept the healing and strength you offer, and to remember that ultimately the pain and cares of this world will yield to the peace of everlasting life in you.

      All of these prayers we make to you in the name of your Son. Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.