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Thanksgiving & Leave-Taking

Today's Intro to Practical Theology of Ministry class invited us to reflect upon 'brokenness' in our life. Many people reflected upon the devastation of Haiti, but I continue to grieve the loss of Gibbs.  I've just returned from an afternoon of chaplain visits with Hospice, gotten Mulligan out for a spin around the neighborhood, and have plopped myself in front of my laptop.

Amidst tragedy and loss, it seems right to share this reflection from this morning.  This does not encompass all I could say or write, but represents what came forth during the five minutes allotted:

               A cold surgical bay tile floor
                    made warm and comforting
                         a soft blue fleece bed to hold and caress his form

               windows looking out to a world
                    which will be diminished by his departure
                         but begins to brighten at the news of his coming

               loved ones gathered to love, watch and wait
                    with intermittent laughter and weeping
                         sorrow in the leaving
                              thanksgiving of the gift of his being

               All good gifts come from God
                    Gibbs was one of the most recent
                         we were blessed to know him
                              and blessed more so by his love of us. 


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Jan. 20th, 2010 08:34 pm (UTC)
thank you. i love you.
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