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Five Things

Borrowing a format again from my friend E:

1.  Tuition came due yesterday for the upcoming Spring Semester. Just another one of those "suck it up" moments when you hear the "bidi-bidi-bidi-whoosh" of your savings flushing out of an account to someone else. But the quality of the education we're paying for is excellent.
2.  The past two days were spent with 45 other folks on The Holy Hill in Anti-Racism Training. I facilitated at a table of four women, two African-American and two white. Yesterday morning, I had to mediate a situation between the two groups of color. Apparently an end-of-Day One exchange I was not party to nor did I did witness resulted in one black woman being offended by the two white women. It quickly became apparent this was one of those times when it's best to be present only and remain quiet. At the close of the training, I thanked my African-American friend for her courage on coming back the second day, and her conviction to address the matter. Later, one of the two white women who sought me out for counsel. I certainly did not expect so quickly to be applying principles of 'priestly' or 'holy' listening from what I'd learned over the last three weeks during Intro to the Theology of Practical Ministry and Anti-Racism Training, 
3.  A recent lunch at school included a conversation with a priest serving as staff at the seminary. He asked about my field work search and I told him the parishes I'm considering. He knows well two rectors of the three parishes I've visited so far, and is familiar with the fourth priest I have yet to meet. Somewhere along the line, I shared my call story which always stirs emotions within me. Moved by my sharing, he calmly patted me on the wrist, saying "Don't ever lose that."
4.  A buzz spread across campus Thursday when word that transcripts being placed in our boxes came out. Everyone descended upon the Welcome Center. There was a grand spirit of joy evident. My reaction at seeing the results of my efforts thus far: It is an example of Faith, Hope and Charity. Thank you, Lord!
5.  Finally, we enjoyed a lovely evening out for dinner last night with oldest goddaughter and her husband. It was a wonderful time of family, table fellowship, fun and love. Happy Birthday, Morgan Lee!