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All Fat is the Lord's

One take-away from my January Intro to Theology of Practical Ministry class was my reflection muscles are sorely out of shape and need reconditioning.  Therefore I'm toting my laptop to school so when something I see, hear and read strikes me, I might make some time to explore it further.  Granted, not all things are blog-able, so I have my trusty paper journal too.  But if you peek in from time to time, there might be more here than what you saw during my first semester on the Holy Hill.  

For what it's worth ...

"All fat is the Lord’s. It shall be a perpetual statute throughout your generations, in all your settlements: you must not eat any fat or any blood." - Lev 3: 16b-17.

The conclusion is that the fat and the blood belong to God.

There was a spiritual significance to this command relevant to the peace offering. We enjoy peace with God by giving Him the best (represented by the fat) and by giving Him our lives (represented by the blood).

There was a practical significance to this command also. The prohibition of eating fat was good for Israel from the standpoint of blood-cholesterol and heart disease (although while they were conscious of purification rites and dietary codes, probably not so much the biological and physiological aspects of health). It was especially good because tapeworms were often found in the fatty tissues and by obeying this command, the ancient Israelites avoided these dangerous parasites. (Again, one should refrain.)

I learn something new every day here at seminary. TBTG.