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Bid Day

Today is the day first year seminarians begin to hear about invitations (or not) to serve a field work parish the next two years.  Unbeknownst to me, a great number of my classmates have been a tad bit anxious and maybe even competitive about this whole process.  Many appeared either unwilling or unable to share information about their emerging learning goals, parishes they were visiting, or the actual interviews they had scheduled.  Hmmm.  I'm either old or ignorant, and really, I know that I'm neither of those things.  But I have often been more than forthcoming (even when not asked) about those things if others were willing to listen. 

I visited a number of churches in VA-MD-DC, both as a part of a group or individually (by myself or when Heart Of My Heart could accompany me).  The four parishes with whom I interviewed were all in the city, as in Washington D.C.  All my interviews went well, leaving me comfortable enough that I would be happy to serve in any of those congregations.  I liked that the interviews were actually mine for the most part, as I had 5-6 questions for each place, and a couple more dependent on things I'd read about the specific field site supervisor.

Well, today is Bid Day.  Day One.  Thus far, I have a polite, yet encouraging letter indicating that rector had invited someone other than me to serve her parish.  She's a priest I know who I consider a friend (and a neighbor not far from us).  I liked that she saw our time talking together as part catching-up and part interview.  It was.  The other priest I spoke with had a need for someone who speaks Spanish (which I do not).  However, he left open the possibility that should the other candidate not accept their call to serve, he would come back to me.  I understand their need and respect that, and appreciate him being forthcoming about it.  I said I would entertain them still should he come back to me.  IN any regard, he offered to be a resource for me should I care to touch base with him.  I imagine I will.

So there we are.  I sent an email to another priest who had a long procession of seminarians beating a pathway to her door.  I only just remembered tonight that her parish was one of the sites a Intro to Field Ed class group had been sent to visit.  The rector of the other parish is the guest preacher tomorrow in chapel.  So I'll be seeing him.

I've done the work I needed to do (so far).  It's in God's hands now.  Any movement will come by the Holy Spirit.  I am not troubled, worried or hurt about any of this.  Except, perhaps, that my schoolmates think they have to play all of this so close to the vest.  But that's their issue and not mine.  God is good, and The Lord Will Provide.