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The Dean's Commentary

Each weekday, the Dean and President of the seminary posts a commentary about some aspect of life on The Holy Hill.  It is customarily his own vehicle by way to announce changes, note activities or visitors to the campus, or to express gratitude for work done or gifts offered.  His Commentary is part of our 'must read' assignment each day, as well as the community prayers list and daily calendar of events, before getting into the flow of chapel, class and lunch.  

Today, the Dean announces the appointment of sacristans from the Junior Class, of which I am one.  The simplest definition of a sacristan is "a person in charge of a sacristy and its contents."  A perhaps bit more archaic understanding of the role is "the sexton of a parish church."  Dictionary.com defines it as "an official in charge of the sacred vessels, vestments, etc., of a church or a religious house."   

Monday, March 1, 2010

It is always a difficult decision.   The Liturgical Officer, the Rev. Dr. Tony Lewis, and I meet and work through the applications from the Junior Class for the two vacancies as Sacristans.   Once again, we had some very strong applications; and I am deeply grateful to all those who make an application.   After much deliberation, I am pleased to announce that David Crosby and Laura Cochran have been appointed to serve the community in this important role.

Working as a Sacristan is just one of many positions around the Seminary.   Serving the community in some way is a good and appropriate part of formation.  These opportunities are part of the shaping of a life provided by this place.   And this is a good segue into a welcome to those who have already been formed by the Seminary and are returning for a Lilly Study Refresher.   Please provide the group with a warm welcome.  We hope, trust, and pray that this will be a time of renewal, fun, and growth.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President

I am grateful for this opportunity to serve the seminary community and Immanuel Church on the HIll which both use the chapel at VTS.  It is an honor and a privilege which the Altar Guild of my home parish, Grace Church on Russell Road, Alexandria prepared me well to fill.  Please pray the grace of God and a spirit of gratitude guides Laura and me as we serve.  


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Mar. 8th, 2010 08:34 pm (UTC)
Someone, I don't know who... no doubt the Astronomer royal
mentioned to Dean Markham yesterday that his Brother in Law is seminarian.

Dean Markham was SO impressed that he offered a glass -- or two -- of wine in celebration.

Gotta love the Anglican Communion.
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