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A Different Day of Sorts

Morning Prayer was not in the chapel today, but rather was offered in the Refectory.  

Following MP, we were treated to a 1-woman enactment of The Gospel of Mark by Tracy Radosevic, a member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers (NOBS).  

Tracy offers the Gospel more as a paraphrase than a translation, with plenty of movement, minimal props and lots of emoting energy and wisdom.  

She performs in her bare feet because, like Moses, she 'stands on Holy Ground' when in the presence of the Living Word.

I hadn't planned on going because I had more than enough reading to complete for all my classes.  

But a holy nudge moved me, sent me, pushed me, pulled me.  And then I was there.  

I'm so glad I went.  Blessed, in fact.  

Because the performance lasts almost 2 hours, I had to leave before it ended.  Since we're not quite halfway through Lent, bugging out when the cock crows the second time after Peter ("Rocky") had thrice denied Christ was a good point of departure.

Courtesy of YouTube.com, a snipet of Tracy offering what I missed today:

Today was also my first time serving at the altar of the Big Old Seminary as a Lay Eucharistic Minister/chalicist. That is an honor and privilege to serve my community joined together for worship and thanksgiving.

Later on, while I read in the library, my brother-in-law texted me from the bookstore looking for a coffee date. We had a nice visit before we went back to his book-buying and me my book reading. 

Two unexpected pleasures bookended one long-await opportunity to serve. It has been a different day of sorts. Thank you, Lord!