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Back to the Working Class (sorta)

Today I met briefly with the Director of Financial Aid & Housing to submit paperwork to be set up as a seminary employee.  All that W-4, I-9 proof of identification, and VA Tax Form stuff that is required. And, in return, I received a copy of the Guide to Student Employment handbook.  WOOT!  This was necessary as I begin actively serving as a sacristan for my class, responsible from time to time for preparing the VTS chapel for worship services (Morning Prayer or midday Eucharist).  Afterward, I went into the chapel sacristy to figure which key opens each cabinet door or drawer to get to things.  I even scoped out the remote wine & wafer locker in Aspinwall.  Such power & responsibility!  Yeah, right!

While in the sacristy, I washed, ironed, and folded linens left from last week.  I had to laugh as I recalled the Liturgical Officer referring to the new sacristans as 'purificator pressers,' something I later had to scoff at with the good Rev. Dr.  A friend and past president of the Grace Altar Guild scolded me on Fb, saying "You'd better not be pressing creases over there!"  Well, as I inspected the linens today, I would say that purificators do, indeed, get pressed.  However, the batch I did today were merely ironed and then folded without pressing.  

As I worked, the wind kicking up outside made the chapel eaves rock and groan every bit as I remember from Grace.  So the customary sounds of an empty sanctuary return.  It felt like old times.  It's wonderful to be back working around the church's altar.