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So the Washington Redskins trade some draft picks to bring 33-year old Donovan McNabb to D.C.


First and foremost, I feel bad for Jason Campbell. I still believe in him and think he'll do well somewhere else. At this point, I don't imagine he'd consider staying. I mean, how many times do you let someone pee on your cornflakes before you say, "this doesn't taste good at all."

But, with that said, and I'm kinda surprising myself here, I believe I can embrace Donovan McNabb. He's always been tough on the 'Skins and has command of the west coast offense which Shanahan runs. Provided Washington's next moves involve getting a decent offense line to keep #5 off his back and healthy, maybe we'll see some TDs through the air and on the ground.

But I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Chris Cooley better stay put in D.C. or I have issues with my team.

So for now, I'll go to bed wondering what to make of all this and what is coming next. I don't like that I'll be thinking so much because that rarely helps me get good, restful sleep, however maybe my slumber will entail some dreams of "Touchdown, Washington Redskins!".

Maybe the 'Skins could bring back Frank Herzog. Nothing against Larry Michael, but I miss this old crew of Frank, Sonny & Sam. Stranger things have happened. Right now, I'm pretty much open to anything.