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Seeing Things From Both Sides Now

Wednesday morning, I returned to the site of my first CPE experience.  One of my clergy mentors there was celebrating the Golden Jubilee of his ordination to the priesthood.  It was a lovely chapel service, well attended, with ebbs and flows because of the older folk in this continuing care retirement community.  I was glad to be remembered by so many, and happy to reconnect with other friends, both residents and staff.  It amazes me that Fr. John+ has been a good and faithful servant to the Church for a half century.  I remember fondly our singing chaplain visits to the memory ward, and the weekly bible studies he invited me to lead.  He is a wise and kind-hearted priest, and much beloved at GHBC.

Later in the day, I visited my field work parish in Washington D.C. for noonday eucharist, and a preliminary meeting with my supervisor afterward.  Basically, I was trying to get a feel for the start of the church year after the summer.  While we talked, I mentioned the difference in cadence between my morning and noonday worship experiences.  The rector seemed interested in new perspectives I might bring to St. George's.  I feel comfortable with him and I hope he is with me.  I certainly will learn a lot from them.  I won't begin there until mid-September after school resumes.  Any concrete work toward establishing a work/learning agreement will wait until after the conclusion of CPE in late August.

Driving home, I thought of mission and ministry of 50 years vs. new fledgling opportunities that unfold before me.  I began wishing I had more time: to be younger, to learn faster and more fully, and to serve well and long.  But it is what it is. And for now, that's the long and the short of it.  


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