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Station X: Stripped

This is the Stations of the Cross meditation I wrote for the Good Friday observance at Grace Church.

Jesus, you are the ultimate outcast.


You have felt betrayal, been man-handled during the arrest, beaten and ultimately condemned.  Then you were flogged for good measure, handed over to be crucified, and ridiculed over and over again by the mob along the way.  Now, you stand here at Golgotha, stripped of your clothes and what little there is left of your dignity. The wounds have been torn open by the ugly, indiscriminate way they took your clothes, and your blood flows once more.  You are hurt and damaged.  You have been laid bare to the crowd that has gathered and to the whole world.  Soon your life will be gone also. 


John’s Gospel tells us that your robe was not divided among the soldiers as they crucified you because it was woven as one piece without a seam.  Seemingly they easily discard the greatest gift ever given to the world, while they prize a piece of fabric because it appears whole and flawless. 


What is left, Lord?  How much more is there?  What else can they possibly do to hurt you? 


I am far from perfect, and spotted by sin.  There were times I had forsaken you, when I beat you back, and stood apart from you.  Yet you stayed not far from me, and when I was ready to take you back, you held me close.  There is still much that I do or do not do which pains you, my Lord.  But you still go to the Cross for me, for all of us.  You take the sins of the world unto yourself, redeeming us all of our misdoings, promising to love us when we repent and return to you.  Through your sacrifice, I have come to know the whole and flawless power and glory of the Almighty.   

Have mercy on me, Lord, and forgive me.  Strip me of my sin, and make me new again.