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Brothers in Arms

More than halfway through my shift, I'm now back upstairs in the On-Call suites.

I've spent the past 1.5 hours in MedSTAR offering the ministry of presence to a D.C. Motorcycle Police Officer.  Apparently he tried to avoid an intoxicated pedestrian who, rather than get out of the way, continued again and again to run INTO the way of the cycle cop (like a 'deer in the headlights' say his buddies).  Rather than hit the drunk and probably kill him, the officer laid down his cycle, but in doing so, torqued his knee, breaking his tibia and tearing his ACL.  

My silent prayer from afar seemed almost continuous with each manipulation of his leg and subsequent groan of pain.  I never broke my leg, but his knee was pretty messed up, and THAT I have done.  Several times.  I'm grateful he was not injured more severely.  And I'm pissed the drunk will sleep it off in jail without nary a scratch on him.

The gift of this time was to witness the bond of brotherhood.  Other cycle cops came along with many other police.  They are brothers in arms, and when one goes, they all go.  I watched them minister to their buddy in a way I could not, and I gave thanks for all of it and all of them.  When I did finally get into the bay to speak with him, I mentioned my prayer and their ministering.  Granted, a lot of it looked like joking and ribbing, but it was ministry. It was Community in Action. 

It was beautiful, and I was privileged to be there to witness it.  

The On-Call Suites PA just announced another trauma coming in via ambulance in 10 minutes.  I'm glad I stopped to blog or I might be dressing again hurriedly.