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John Doe No More

I met him as John Doe almost twelve hours ago. 

I asked God to bless his body during the Ministration at the Time of Death a few minutes ago. 

It saddens my heart to see a promising young man be a casualty from not wearing a seat belt.  It hurts my soul to witness the end of a life that has been lived not nearly long enough.  But even through his non-responsiveness during the night which brought him here, and the pain and anguish of family and friends who waited, watched, and wept this evening into the new day, God had already claimed him and taken him home.  Gone to that heavenly mansion of promise and hope where all manner of good thing is found, known, and celebrated.  Those who received him welcomed him, saying he had come before his time. 

I pray for the mother who lost him, the fathers who grieve him, the grandparents who will sorrow long over his passing, and the many friends who shall miss him.  I also pray for the men and women of WHC who offered him care. 

I was grateful to address him by name at the time of his passing.  I knew him not, but God has known him always. 
Rest in peace, JXD. 


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Jun. 29th, 2010 10:32 pm (UTC)
Once again I want you to know that I am impressed. As I have watched you grow from a distance even when you questioned your "call" I am more convinced than ever that Our Father in heaven has "called" you for a ministry in His name. At the appropriate time, He will tell you what that will be.

Comforting those who have lost a loved one, especially when it is a young person, is very important because all of us, at that time question was has God called that one home. Our time in this life always ends when we think it is "too soon" and yet a live with Him and our Lord Jesus Christ throughout eternity, a time that no one can place a time on it, is almost inconceivable to us poor mortals.

I remember Dr.. Fuller defined it as follows : "Take the longest period of time that you can fathom, double it, then add a little more, and you may come close to understanding what Eternity may be like."

God's peace and blessings -

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