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Tagged for Good, Framed for Fun

While I still mourn the demise of SUPR FAN, my much beloved Sebring convertible, I am now a happy Honda owner.  It is a good Fit.

So, to fully embrace the new identity which comes with a new automobile, I've turned once again to vanity tags.  But this time, I went a bit further with custom license tag frames to complete the transformation.  This all seems quite 'fitting' for the path Heart Of My Heart and I are taking.  We agreed having some fun with it was 'called' for.  We'll let you be the judge.  Here's the front and back tags on the car.


Today brought us the tag frames and city registration sticker.  Our Fit is now claimed and named, or bagged and tagged (whichever you prefer), and we're ready for what's next down the road.