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Bibles We Got!

Its just past midnight and the sole call tonight has been to deliver a bible to a patient's room on one of the medical ICUs.  My reaction to the phone singing is much different versus when the pager begins beeping and buzzing.  Though I must admit, that at 11:30 p.m., I expect calls at odd hours to be more along the lines of offering Comfort Care as life support is being removed. 

This was an somewhat awkward request to provide a bible.  The nurse making the request was paying attention to something other than me.  When I finally confirmed she was seeking a bible, she said rather pointedly, "You got those, don't you?!"  I replied, "Bibles we got, and a bible I'll bring."  I then began dressing, pulling myself together to head downstairs from the On-Call suite. 

As I delivered the KJV, one of the sisters present said she ALWAYS had her bible with her.  Ooops.  Just not this time.  That's fine.  Before I left, I knelt at the bedside and offered a prayer for D, who had had a stroke which affected her left side.  

When I went out to the nurse's station to complete my charting, it was in a state of total disarray, and the staff seemed completely discombobulated.  I'm not sure who needed my prayer more.  But I believe D probably appreciated it, whereas those at the desk might not have received it or even heard it.  That was a mess and I was eager to get out. and away from it. 

On my way downstairs, I dropped into MedSTAR to see if things were really as quiet as they seemed.  Three residents were all wearing the same colored scrubs, sitting side by side on the gurney.  I waited to see if they'd mimic the three monkeys - "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil".  Alas, they did not.  Bummer.  I laughed inside anyway.

When I checked in with Flo, the overnight clerk, she yelled,  "CROSBY, where you been? Do they have to let all the new people go through before they let you come back?"  I assured her I'd been back, just not with her.  I confessed to her about the pager snafu http://seekingservant.livejournal.com/299841.html on my last On-Call.  That gave her a good  laugh.

Then I saw Ed, the RN who'd been so great with the grandfather and Uncle when we lost the teenage youth.  The young man came in as John Doe  and left as JXD http://seekingservant.livejournal.com/298848.html. I wanted Ed to know how he'd ministered to them even as the neurosurgeon intern screwed up the explanation to the family.  We both remembered that as a CF (its a military term; I heard it in "HeartBreak Ridge"; you can probably look it up).  I'm just calling it as I see it.

I wonder if I should return to the suite.  Yeah.  Sure.  We are a 24/7 Spiritual Care Dept. here.  Bibles we got!