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Tag Lines: Living Words

It has been a busy week covering extra walks for a colleague who is away.  Today seemed harder than usual.  When you are out and about with happy critters, there can be a lot of pulling and tugging involved.  I really do not think the dogs were being bad, but I did feel like I was being abused physically.  It led to a tight back, stiff shoulders, sore arms and weary legs.  About mid-afternoon in a state of surrender, I found myself saying repeated to my charges:

                     "We'll only go as far as your time will take you."

Most appointments are 20-minute visits; some are 30-minutes, and more than a handful can involve two dogs at a time.  It is easy to fall behind, particularly when appointments stack up.  There is commute time from one client to the next that can be complicated by city vehicles collecting trash or recycle, roadwork crews and detours, "sewer rehab", school buses on their runs, and local traffic.  I had grown tired of trying to make the pups walk their usual route in the customary time allotted.  Today I became "Mr. Cranky-Pants".

Here, now, I feel foolish and a bit embarrassed.  God spoke to me today - I "saw" it, but did not "hear" it.  Until now.

The Personalized Tags I saw today included, in this particular order, were:

"NO WURIZ"  (No Worries)

               "LIV F8TH"  (either Live Faith or Living Faith)

                              "RE FLCT"  (Reflect)

God said "No Worries, Live Your Faith and Reflect the Love of Christ".