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Seeing the Field

I like movies.  There are times when I think I should be working in movies.  Not starring in them, but helping to make them.

Special effects have always intrigued me.  "Movie magic," as some would call it.  Where the imagination of our minds is realized to become the picture on the silver screen.

Cinematography has always interested me.  And music also.  When the perfect blend of acting, image and sound comes together to create a great scene to tell a wonderful story, I am moved.

"Seeing the Field" is from the motion picture, The Legend of Bagger Vance.  That this is a movie about golf would interest me from the get-go.  However the story has many spiritually uplifting things to say about us and our meager human existence amidst the immense and greater divinity of this world which move me to no end.  And the music is beautiful too.

This is just a small bit of the wonderful movie that Robert Redford directed, and Will Smith and Matt Damon star in.  Sit back, watch and listen.  There's a lesson in this for everyone, whether you play golf or not.  See the Field.


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Aug. 14th, 2010 03:40 pm (UTC)
I like special effects b/c they're fun to make/edit, but I've almost always found cinematography a pain.
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