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Trauma Loolapalooza

It's 2:10 a.m. on Wednesday, August 18th - I'm on the backside of my final On-Call shift for CPE at the Washington Hospital Center.  Most of my peers have had eventful final rotations, and this last one for me threatens to eclipse the total number of calls I had on my 1st On-Call.  Thankfully, I have had a brief respite between the earlier onslaught which began my night with a Code Blue/failed resuscitation/death of a dialysis patient, and this most recent call that brought me back down to MedSTAR.  This is been an amazing journey, but tonight I must say that this may be a younger person's calling. 

God called me here for this time, and has gifted me in so many ways. I am both grateful for the opportunity and humbled by the experience.  There is much chaos in a hospital setting, particularly when dealing with trauma.  The men and women of the Washington Hospital Center do amazing things, and I constantly pray for Wisdom and Compassion in all their works. 

But, alas, I am tired and my body aches from trying to sleep (whenever I can) in a bed which doesn't fit me nor conform to my shape.  I miss being home with Heart Of My Heart with slumbering dogs surrounding our bed.  The time is coming quickly before week end when Final Evaluations will be presented, Exit Interviews completed, and Graduation celebrated. 

I admit I am ready to go back to school. Lord help me, but I am ready to go back to school.