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Top 10 Things I Don't Miss About CPE

I'm almost one week removed from completing Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at the Washington Hospital Center.  I am grateful this week to serve as Sacristan for chapel services back on The Holy Hill.  This is helping me ease away from CPE and back into life.  But as I reflect on the experience which was powerful for me, I began reminiscing about some things I do not miss.  Hence, here is my Top 10 List of Things I Don't Miss about CPE:

Top Ten Things I Don’t Miss About CPE

10  My weekly dry cleaning bills (and the additional laundry at home.)

 9  The commute into the city to Washington Hospital Center (WHC). (Thank God for HOV lanes & schoolmates sharing the experience.)

 8  The commute home from WHC. (It helps to know when/where HOV restrictions actually begin.)

 7  My CPE supervisor’s small office for our Interpersonal Relations (IPR) group work (That was tight quarters!)

 6  The “flightiness” of one of my small group members. (That’s their self-characterization; believe me - it fit.)

 5  Mid-week On-Call rotations (a full day at the hospital before overnight On-Call which carried into Day Two – ugh!)

 4  Finding the On-Call suite keys STILL in my pocket (TWICE!) when I arrived home after 36+ straight hours at WHC.

 3  The whoppa-whoppa sound of an incoming MedSTAR chopper. (Just channeling my inner-Radar O'Reilly - you do recognize the M*A*S*H reference, don't you?)

 2  The piercing sound of the On-Call pager. (and to think I was worried about sleeping through pages - Uh, NO.)

    and the #1 thing I do not miss about CPE is …

 1  That God-awful hospital smell. (Need I say more?)


Aug. 27th, 2010 03:37 am (UTC)
Re: nice list!
That above comment was by Gillian, btw. I just didn't login.