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Random Bits

Heart Of My Heart & I are away to Myrtle Beach, SC for a little R&R before school resumes and she retires from the Federal Gov't. 

The weather has been lovely, even as we watch the Weather Channel and other news outlets chronicle the progression of Earl, Fiona and the fledgling Gaston.  Those are the latest hurricane developments since Danielle.  Earl is kicking up the surf while blowing pretty well today, but the sun is out.  Clouds at sea announce his passing, although we may see some rain tomorrow after he marches by, heading north. 

Today has been a lazy day, waking early to watch the sun rise, walking the beach and collecting shells, some time at the pool while our room was being straightened up, then showers before lunch on the boardwalk.  Afternoon naps were in order, and I've been catching up on email that relates to school.

I'm very excited about my small group worship convener and group mates.  I've reviewed the sacristan schedules and chapel worship teams and everything seems to be falling in line.  Now if only my requested class sections work out as well.  I'll be taking the requisite Liturgics, Homiletics, Field Ed/Colloquy along with an elective on Medical Ethics & Ministry (which seemed like a good progression from CPE). 

I formally begin my time at St. George's Episcopal Church, U Street, in NW Washington, D.C. on Sept. 12th.  We'll be back from Myrtle Saturday, and I'll see the rector on Sunday (back from his own holiday) to confirm things.  I'll have to give my Work/Learning Agreement some thought on the way back home.  The 7:30 a.m. congregation knows about me because the supply clergy, the Episcopal Chaplain at Washington Hospital Center, called me out after my brief intro during the Welcome a few weeks ago.  Some folks at 10 a.m. are aware also, but not everyone.  I'm anxious to get in and get going.  This will be an adventure and we both are quite excited about it.

As I mentioned, HOMH is taking this year's offered buy-out from Uncle Sam after 35 years of service to the Federal Government. I'm excited for her.  I can see in her that excitement I myself felt when I decided to leave Visa.  She has lots of ideas, and many plans.  I pray I will be as supportive of her as she has been (and is) of me.  God bless her in this time of discernment and discovery.  She has earned it, and I love her so.

That's enough for now.  Life is good.  Vacation is better.  Thank God we got away for some R&R.