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Quiet Day

At VTS, once in the Fall and again in the Spring, we take time to move into silence. Classes are suspended for the day. We open with Eucharist in the morning, closed by a meditation, before stepping out of the noise into the quiet. The day continues until 3pm when another meditation breaks the bond of silence and beckons us rejoin the world in the here and now. During the morning today, I noted this:

                 Sitting at the Butterfly bench
             between the Welcome Center and the Chapel
                                            A glorious autumn/fall day
                                        sunshine and cool breezes
                                            People slowly passing to and fro
                                        slight glances, gentle nods     
                                            My custom is to flash a slow peace sign
                                        it says something without saying anything ...

                                                "God's Peace be with you."   

                                            The Grove is sparsely attended
                                        some benches offer quiet respite
                                            others are cradled at the base of trees
                                        There is an occasional stroller-by
                                            birds tweet, crickets chirp
                                        the branches of trees overhead stir and rustle
                                            from time to time a leaf falls to drift about

                                            the breeze kicks up
                                            the coolness of it is very refreshing

                                        Spirit of the Living God