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Trust, Truth And Justice

To work my way out of my "Mr. Cranky Pants" funk last night, I took myself to a movie.  I like movies.  They are forms of entertainment and escape for me.  Sometimes I need fun movies, sometimes I need scary movies, sometimes I need love stories (or "chick flicks").  Sometimes they are about things of substance which matter.

I went to see "Breach", the movie "inspired by the true story of the greatest security breach in U.S. history".  Robert Hanssen, a FBI agent and former head of the Soviet analytical unit, was considered our most knowledgeable U.S. analyst on Soviet intelligence.  He was also the sole focus of a long-term, top-secret investigation as a suspected mole selling U.S. secrets.  The movie shows the relationship between the treacherous double-agent and the young aspiring-to-become-an-agent who is assigned to Hanssen to monitor his moves and detail his actions.

It is a well crafted film.  And I like Chris Cooper, the actor who plays Hanssen.  What was disturbing about this movie, besides the real story of deception, betrayal and treason, was I found myself beginning to admire Hanssen.  I believed that Eric O'Neill came to appreciate Hanssen for who he was, what he knew, and his life, which looked to be good and upstanding from the outside.  Hanssen would say things like:  "Faith, Family, Country: Those are the things that matter." and "God expects you to live your faith at all times."  He appeared to be a godly man with a good life and wonderful family serving his country.  When Hanssen starts to take him in, O'Neill then questions what the bureau has on him and demands to be "read into the case", i.e. the need to know.  After the Trust (or is it Deception) was secured, and the Truth is learned, then Justice prevails.  

The movie asserts Hanssen did not commit treason for the money.  It seems his bitterness and contempt towards others who advanced ahead and above him ate away at him.  His knowledge of and access to sensitive materials and secrets that he sold to the Soviets became the sword he wielded to fight back.  His faith could not save him because his Super-Ego ruled his life.  Scary, and even more scary, True.   

Jesus said "...you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32.