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It's Been a Month


We are one month removed from the chapel fire tragedy at VTS.  The Board of Trustees, when they met earlier this month, worked diligently as they first lamented the loss on Day 1, sought to capture the vision on Day 2, and began to take action on Day 3.

Sadly, the structural engineers have deemed the building a total loss, and its demolition will follow sometime soon after the salvage/reclamation effort has been completed.

An endeavor called "A New Chapel for a New Century" is already underway, which will entail a two-pronged approach: 1) Architects, Design, and Location; and 2) a Capital Fund Drive campaign.

Lastly, for the interim between present time and when the new chapel is available, a decision was made to authorize the procurement of a temporary worship space.

All actions, good and practical, move us forward from the ashes of that loss to the hopes and dreams of our tomorrows.  I stopped to catch a few more glimpses of what it is now.  We thank God for blessing us and keeping all safe from hurt or harm.  Thank you, Lord, for your mercy is great.