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Advent's Coming

The Wednesday of Thanksgiving Break, the Liturgical Officer of the Seminary and four sacristans were busy in the Sacristy in Exile, stamping new BCPs, 1982 Hymnals, Wonder, Love & Praise, Lift Every Voice & Sing II, Holy Women/Holy Men, and Anglican & Plainsong Chant books.  "The Chapel, Virginia Theological Seminary."

Advent is coming and we work to recover some normalcy after the loss of your chapel.  Scott Lounge outside the Refectory has been serving as a Prayer Hall for our worship.  It is growing on me.  Granted, I miss the sound of a church organ, the sights of stained glass illuminated by the rays of the sun, the feel of a truly sacred space.  Yet, we are constantly reminded the church is the 'people' and not the steeple.

A new table was brought in to relieve the two large credenzas which had served as our altar.  It is now adorned with a white frontal with blue lace panel that tells us Advent is around the corner.  The new Advent candle stand is near the lectern.  New stoles are in and the glassware is ready to supplant the borrowed silver pieces we used.  

Yesterday I was singing, "It's beginning to look a bit like Advent."

Advent.  It is a new Church Year, the first season which leads up to Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In this season of expectation and anticipation, I pray we stop to marvel at all the wondrous things that God does for us.  We are never alone, God always care for us, and always will.  May this time of preparation be soulful, heartening and enlightening.

"Prepare ye the Way of the Lord.  Make straight his pathway."  


Nov. 25th, 2010 05:06 pm (UTC)
Random question: When you were a dog walker, were you ever late?

And happy turkey day!!