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A Note to the Guild

Tomorrow I am honored to visit the Center of Ministry & Teaching at the Virginia Theological Seminary for the annual St. Nicholas Celebration.  Santa Lucia will be there also.  The event is 10am-12 Noon and all are welcome!

My home parish is ever so gracious as to let me borrow beautiful red vestments so the Bishop of Myra will be suitably attired.  It. is. the. BEST. dress-up. gig. EV. AH.    

I left a note to the Crew Leader & Guild when I slipped into the sacristy to grab my garb.

                      Dearest S & GEC Altar Guild,

                      Blessings and Peace be with you all!

                      Please don't worry, please don't fear,
                               but NIcholas, Bishop of Myra, has been here!

                     I've taken some vestments for the day.
                               They will be returned without much delay.

                    Cope, mitre, stole and crozier, all;
                               I'll have back Saturday before the sun does fall.

                    Thanks for lending vestments to help out,
                               the CMT at VTS gives you thanks, no doubt!

                    The children there we'll certainly delight,
                               with your help, their day will be bright!

                    Blessings and Peace to one and all,
                               Your neighborhood NIcholas, Bishop of Myra.  


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Dec. 8th, 2010 04:04 am (UTC)
Your Poem
D, it was so much fun reading your poem as I prepared for a wedding on Saturday and the next day I planned to put a post-it on it to ask that it be put in the presidents’ book. I did put the post-it on but was dismayed that someone had in red put a large A+ and circled it covering a lot of the poem. It was wonderful. Thank you, L
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