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Easier To Say, But Slow To Live Into

I got back to the Y this morning for my first workout in too long to remember.  However, logging into FitLinxx can be somewhat daunting when it tells you your last workout was 02/15/07.  Ugghhh!  I could try to justify things by saying atleast I walk dogs five days a week, but so what.  Anyway, I did manage to get back and I was careful not to push it too hard.  I fully expected my body would protest somewhat, saying "Hey, what's this?  Exercise?  What be up wit dat?"  But no such sarcasm or humiliation emanated from within.  Thankfully.  While I did my customary circuit of two sets per machine with riding in-between, I did not try to complete a full set of reps each time.  I did manage some extra time on the bike though and that felt really good.

If I can get to the Y first thing in the morning, before all the fitness trainers come in with their one-on-ones or small groups, I usually see a couple from church there.  She likes the elliptical strider and treadmill; He likes the treadmill for walking/running and the stationary bike.  I had a chance to catch up with both of them briefly.  

Sherryl walks dogs like I do, so we both try to get our workouts in before we head out for the day to our four-legged charges.  She & I also serve together on the Altar Guild at Grace.  When I stopped to say hi, she quickly asked me where I was in my decision-making process regarding my future.  When I started referring to my discernment as that - Discernment - she gave me a funny look.  I mentioned a Discernment Retreat the 2nd weekend of May in Richmond that I hope to attend, and that I'm walking a path toward the ordained ministry.  She came running around the machine to give me a big hug.  As we walked out, I said there is much that needs to happen first before any of this begins to feel real, but that I would welcome any support and prayers.

It is a little easier to share with others aloud "I'm considering a Call to the Priesthood".  I appreciate the very kind support and encouragement I receive from my family and friends.  But it feels very slow getting along the way.  Timing is everything, and I have to remember "In God's Time, not in my own".  The application deadline for Seminary is May 1.  Since the Discernment Retreat is not until May 11-13, it feels like this is going to take a while.  And based on a brief conversation with my brother-in-law who teaches at GMU, I am not holding out much hope the completing my undergraduate degree will be part of my path.    The Licentia in Theology (MDiv program-equivalent for a non-college graduate) looks much more likely to me.  But I will follow-up with the university to get an official word.

What's that saying, "Slow's the way to go"?  Hmmmmmmm.