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Chapel Memorial

I've been meaning to post slides depicting two options to memorialize Immanuel Chapel which stood on the grounds of Virginia Theological Seminary for 129 years.  We lost our chapel in a tragic fire October 22, 2010.  Courtesy of the email from our Student Body President, here's the best explanation available of the options:

In brief, the plan retains two thirds of the north wall (the side of the chapel that held the mission windows), and the east wall (cut off just above the window holes) resulting in an L shape wall mostly the height of the lowest part of the old roof. There would also be a 17 inch wall marking the full perimeter of the old chapel footprint, comfortable for sitting on, bench-like. (See pages 4-6 in the PDF attached). You will notice that the footprint to be preserved does not include the current chancel, which was intentional to save space on the west side of the area. The ground would be grass, and there would be no roof. In the current plan, the area would also be graded so that there are not steps at any of the entrances. This could become a lovely outdoor meditation or worship space for the seminary in its own right, and could potentially be incorporated into a new chapel if it is decided that we locate the new chapel between the Welcome Center and the old chapel location. In addition there are some members of Immanuel Church on the Hill (ICOH) who especially hope that some portion of the space can be preserved as "holy ground" filled with the memories of generations of parishioners.

By holding on to one or two walls, we hope that the [City of Alexandria] Board of Architectural Review (BAR) will be satisfied; by marking the footprint we hope the ICOH folks will be pleased, and keeping up those one or two walls will not be too much like having a carcass on campus but rather an attractive holy space.

The [VTS] Executive Committee approved the proposal without dissent, with the proviso that the administration might make further changes if a structural engineering firm recommends alterations for the sake of safety.

The design only covers the walls.The wall design could be supplemented later by a fountain or a labyrinth. It could also serve as a courtyard for a new chapel structure.

I myself favor the two wall option (slides 4-6).  Discussions are underway with the City; we wait to hear the outcome. Feel free to post feedback to the Comments of this entry. Thank you.


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Feb. 11th, 2011 09:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your posting on your web site with the possible options. I agree with you that I would prefer the 2 wall plan. Love, Dad (VTS, '77)
Feb. 21st, 2011 05:14 am (UTC)
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