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Time To Move On, Time To Get Into It

As I walked my pups today, my mind wandered back to March 10, 2006 when I left Visa to start a new chapter of my life.  Before that day, for much of a year and a half, I had grown restless wondering what I should do for "the rest of my life".  I knew it was time to move one and get into it, whatever it would be.  After some sabbath time removed from that career and earlier part of my life, I needed to be on the move.  So I began walking dogs.  Go figure.  But know this: Dogs, for me, are one of the best true examples of God's unconditional love.  There was a purpose for this.

My mind began to wander forward, thinking ahead to April 25, 2007.  On that day, I will have worked in the City of Alexandria as an Independent Contractor for a year providing dog walking and pet sitting services through Alexandria Pet Care.  Thank you, Elizabeth!  This has been a rewarding time of wonder, exercise, self-discovery (not that that is complete yet), rejuvenation and reflection.  I have rejoiced in the changing seasons and "weathered the weather", but I confess this "walking man dog-boy" is not wire so much for the solitary nature of dog walking.  At least not for the long term.

So again a restless spirit nudges me on, beckons me to move forward, calls me to "get into it".  Again, whatever it is. 

I called a friend to ask her to keep me in mind regarding any opportunities (paid or volunteer) at Goodwin House, a continuing care retirement community affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia here in Alexandria.  I plan to call another friend who is involved with the Auxiliary at Inova Alexandria Hospital to see what recommendations she might have there.  Amidst any of these things that might be possibilities are ministries I already have (Altar Guild, Stephen Ministry, the monthly Saturday Morning Bible Study, working with the Youth), plus beginning with a Spiritual Director, the upcoming Diocesan Discernment Retreat in May, preparation for the Graduate Record Examination (the GRE is part of the application process for Seminary), and whatever else I have not fathomed just yet.  Yes, there is much more to all this.

Oh yes, I must get to playing golf more often.  Nice weather is coming.  It is definitely time to get back to the links.


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Mar. 21st, 2007 01:39 pm (UTC)
Right with you, babe. Especially that golf stuff.
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