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Sometimes Life Comes At You Fast

Hmmm. It must be Palm Sunday. Again comes the opportunity to experience the whole range of emotions which might arise from reading or chanting different parts of the Passion. Today's liturgy begins with the jubilation of Jesus' triumphant entry to Jerusalem and then quickly moves to the Passion of Christ on the Cross. First thing this morning. the Rector asked me, "Where are you in the Passion?" I replied if often depends on which role I'm in, but generally I find myself kinda in the midst of it, .... all of it.

Today at 7:30 a.m., I was asked to read the part of Jesus. I imagined my field ed supervisor quipping that a little time with the Cross might be good for his seminarian. At the 10-ish service (which rarely starts on time in this parish, especially when you need to coach up all the acolytes on the Palm procession minutes before stepping off), I already knew I was chanting the different parts which included Judas, Peter, Caiaphas, those who implicated Peter, and Pontius Pilate and his wife. Nothing like ganging up on Jesus: first the betrayal and delivering him with a kiss, then fleeing in all different directions, denying Christ as your Lord, condemning him, scourging him, and finally washing your hands of his judgment before killing him. 

Holy Week is here, and we have trekked to the foot of the Cross on Calvary. Where are you in the Passion right now?