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Internship in Ministry

Today was Day One of my Mid-Atlantic Parish Training Program (MAPTP) internship at St. Mark's, Alexandria.

The intent of MAPTP is the immersion of rising senior seminarians in the Diocese of Virginia into the day-to-day culture of a congregation's life; to provide learning opportunities through mentoring relationships; and to prompt reflection on the summer experience through the lens of the ordination liturgy for the Priesthood. MAPTP is an extension of the Commission on Ministry, and therefore, is a diocesan requirement.

The former church office, now a parish library, is my square for eight weeks. Internet, phone, windows and a door to close [if necessary] - tempting with the 'French playgroup' across the hall -  mothers encouraging toddlers to speak French and toddlers protesting loudly in English - cute but noisy! I received the summer stipend check even before I'd completed unpacking and setting up. WOOT! The clergy and parish offices are at one end of the building. I'm down the hall closer to the Nave.

After getting situated in my square, I sat in on my first staff meeting. JW+, MH+, EC the parish secretary and me. There was discussion of outstanding newsletter articles (I'd submitted mine), the size of the bulletin for the "in the park" 10am service, and the organist providing short notice of time away. I agreed to contact a friend about organist supply work, and to assist the clergy in finding the Gospel in different languages for Pentecost.

Spent most of the morning with a careful read of the Parish Ministries & Responsibilities (along with National Church/diocesan Canons); it is one of the things the Vestry will review tomorrow night - yep, a vestry meeting already. I like that the four ministry areas address Nurturing, Knowing, Serving, and Administration.

After meeting again over lunch, I got my master key, helped the rector test the huge honkin' gas grill for Sunday, and attempt a pastoral call to deliver a frozen lasagna to a parishioner (nope, no call made before we went down the street). The associate told me this parish "likes to fly by the seat of their pants," (something the Bishop might not want to hear). I took that to mean they are open to the moving of the Holy Spirit.

End of Day One. A good day. A good start.

Tomorrow begins meeting the rector to say the Daily Office/Morning Prayer together. I volunteered to lead. WOOT!


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Jun. 9th, 2011 12:51 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you will experience much of what I did during my time at St. Mark's. I certainly enjoyed my time there and learned a lot from Father Dougherty and members of the congregation. As you begin to fill the role of a clergy person you will find things a lot different than what you experienced as a lay person, even though you were always heavily involved at Grace, things are a lot different as a priest. Love, Dad
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