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"The False Economy of Human Achievement"

The scripture for this Saturday's Breakfast Bible Study comes from The Gospel According to St. Mark.  Sometimes known as the "Possessions and the Kingdom" passage, Mark 10:17-31 tells the story of the young rich man ("a certain ruler" according to Luke 18:18-30) who cannot separate himself from his wealth to become a disciple of Jesus.  His overwhelming love of money is just one example of having and hoarding too much wealth.  The reward of good Christian living and service to others is not measured as the world might count it, cent by cent, dollar by dollar.  Rather, being good and doing good, being God-focused and God-driven, and giving the Almighty Father top billing in your heart, mind, body and soul can lead to greater riches and benefits in this world, and the life yet to come.  One of my commentaries referred to this reading as "The False Economy of Human Achievement". 
I have always tried to live a good Christian life, but I am readily reminded time and time again that I am a sinner in God's sight.  It is curious to have this scripture before me now.  When I left Visa last year, doing so meant walking away from a rather handsome salary with great benefits.  Yes, both Chrissie and I were concerned about this "wallop in the wallet" and what it would mean for us.  We had to adjust our expectations and be much more conscious of what we have and what we need   Even then, whatever you have or may have received, it does not mean a thing if you are no longer here.  And we all know "you can't take it with you".  I realized my health and well-being was literally (again) hanging in the balance, and that imperative prompted me to lay down that part of my life, and forego the monetary rewards that came from it.

I do not expect others to do as I did.  Jesus did not require it of me or of everyone else for that matter.  It was just the right thing for me to do.  Only through God's Grace and Chrissie's loving support could I confidently move away from those things that had been a huge part of my life for a good long while and be open and willing to embrace a new life.  Things do seem simpler now.  I feel money holds no power over us.  We still have money, we use it, and yes, we do need it for some things.  But it does not rule us.  We must, however, guard against it becoming so important to us.  

God's blessings are everywhere.  I have my wife, she has me, we love each other and I am eternally thankful.