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Too Good, Too Funny To NOT Share

The Washington Post's Style Invitational is a weekly challenge contest to use words in a clever manner.  It is sometimes fun to participate, but is always more fun to appreciate the creativity of others.  So, with that said, Heart Of My Heart found and shared with me a runner-up entry to the following challenge:

Week 922 - We asked you to write a song - on any subject - set the the tune of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Runner-up #3 was particularly well-done, involving a topic close to our hearts.  It is worthy to shared here:

Oh Dan, can't you see why the fans are irate?
Our once-dominant team is now just barely breathing.
We're the joke of the league, being last is our fate,
And the choices you're made have us silently seething.
And the parking lot sucks! And a beer costs 10 bucks!
Each team that comes here thinks we're all sitting ducks.
So hey, is our Redskins team past the point of ever savin'?
Should I finally drive up north to the home of the Raven?

Fine work, Craig Dykstra of Centreville, VA - we salute you!