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An Interesting Encounter

I first noticed him while he worked to separate the excess or recycled Sunday bulletins into their respective parts.  The pile of paper on the floor was hard to miss, and I saw that the table offered little space to make piles.  Then I caught sight of his bright red Bozo shoes.  Yes, like Bozo the Clown, but probably nicer than any shoes Bozo would have worn.  I thanked him for his efforts and commented on his colorful shoes and thought that was that.

A few minutes later in my office while changing out of my cassock alb, paper sorter extraordinaire in the bright red Bozo shoes arrived at my door.  Very quickly he identified himself, not as a Christian like his parents, but as a wiccan.  Oh.  Okay.  (Awkward silence)  (Gazes back and forth between us)

Shoes:  "You know what a wiccan is, right?"  
Me:  "Well, yes, ... you worship nature, right?"  
Shoes:  "Yes, so you get that!"  
Me:  "Yeah, ... it's a form of pagan religion."  
Shoes:  "Yeah, you get that! 
Me:  "How is it you're here at St. Mark's if you're a wiccan?"
Shoes;  "My parents like me to come."
Me:  "So Christianity didn't hit the mark?"
Shoes:  No, I tried it for a while, but .... there's too much judgment."
Me:  "Well, Rev. Meredith touched on that in her sermon, didn't she?"
Shoes:  "Yeah, but I do believe in God."
Me:  "Well, if you worship nature, someone or something had to make all that there is, right?"
Shoes:  "Right!"

He went on to tell me he's a spiritual guide, sometimes pointing people to do that bad thing to realize the right thing. Hmmmm.  I guess that's one way to go at it.  I understood his intent, but questioned his methods.  Well, suffice to say, this was one of the more interesting encounters I'd had during my summer internship.  But since I seemed to be someone "who gets it", I'm willing to bet I'll see more of this guy before my last two weeks wrap up.

Thank you, Lord, for your Seeking Servant prays for guidance.