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Clericus Breakfast

I was in our kitchen this morning when I casually looked up at the clock.  8:03 a.m.  Hmmm.  They would be gathering at Elsie's Magic Skillet right about then.  And I wasn't there.  Sigh.  

One of the delightful opportunities I had during my summer internship, which culminated this past Sunday, was that Wednesday mornings began at breakfast with clergy from the Rte. 1 corridor: Episcopal, Baptist, Lutheran, United Methodist, and Unitarian Universalist.  My clergy mentor was a regular and he understood I hoped to experience as much as possible in my "shadow" time with him.  

This is a small band of clergy who enjoy one another's company, exchange information about things happening in their churches and neighborhoods, and who seem genuinely interested in one another's lives and ministries.  I was fortunate to be invited into that community.  I enjoyed that collegiality very much.  And I kinda missed it today.  

Discussion would meander between vacation plans, church programs, who's preaching what this coming Sunday, and other chit chat.  It was pretty evident that these folks like one another from the hearty banter that goes on, which spared no one.  If you're the last one in, or the newest person to join the group, you offer the blessing.  Being punctual and engaged, yet low-key, I somehow avoided the duty of offering grace.

But grace is what I received from these folks.  And acceptance.  Encouragement.  Even prayers, I imagine.  I missed them today.  But I'll remember them for a good long while.