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Gone with the Dogs

Today was the day to vacate the house while our basement was being gassed for drain flies.

Drain flies?

Yes, drain flies!  Those little, innocuous but prolific, black flies that teem about until they die and clutter up the corners of your basement.  Not your basement?  Okay then, OUR basement! 

The gassing of the house was not as extensive when we first moved in to discover carpenter ants and carpenter beetles, which required the entire house be shrouded and literally gassed for more than a month.  In fact, this time appeared to require only that floors be sprayed with treatment while all the doors were open and appliances were unplugged.  The bugs can infiltrate the walls, and treatment of sink drains went first, then areas second, to eradicate the little pests.

Football season is upon us, and getting the Redskins Room (the 'other shrine' where we 'worship' during the fall) ready for some football was of utmost importance; a social imperative.  Really!

So we took the dogs out for the day, to joy-ride in the car, then over to the Holy Hill to wander around, then some more joy-riding before deciding we could have just camped out on our back deck for four hours.  We eventually went home to sit and drink on the deck, while puppies munched on ice cubes from the cooler, or drank water-diluted beer from their bowl.  Party hounds they are, indeed!

We back inside now.  And happy.  Both the dogs and their humans.