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Jacobean Frontals

The sacristy of the new Lettie Pate Evans interim chapel at VTS is very similar to the sacristy at Grace Church.  Like Grace, it has white cabinetry, counter space, a sink and piscina, pull-out drawers for liturgical vestments (chasubles, stoles, etc.) and it even has a frontal chest to store altar appointments.  The altar is free standing, and uses a different type of frontal from what I knew at Grace Church.  The altar is completely draped to the floor on all four sides.  Consequently when we store a frontal in our frontal chest at VTS, it needs to be folded carefully to store properly.  

When I served on the Altar Guild at Grace, the high altar frontal went over the top of the altar and down the front with the sides exposed.  Storing those frontals was easier, and made for much lighter work.  I could handle a frontal by myself, however the "Jacobean frontals" at VTS are much larger size-wise and most definitely heavier weight-wise.  I learned today that anything 'Jacobean' refers to the time of James I of England.  The frontals are usually heavy and fully cover a free standing altar and hangs to the floor like a huge tablecloth, with fullness at its corners.

Me thinks that Dr. Lewis will be glad to know 'I don't know it all' as it relates to Altar Guild or sacristan work.  And Yes, I am always open to learning more about how I might more fully serve the Lord at His altar.