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Why not document my experience of the historic 5.8-5.9 Virginia earthquake of August 23, 2011? Everyone else is!

I was at home, snoozing on one of the love seats in the TV room, when the dogs started to get agitated.  I figured the postman was on our street, and the dogs were lying in wait for mail to pour in through the door!  (Laz has now taken to attacking the mail when it enters the house!)

Then it felt like a huge truck was rumbling down our street.  As I opened my eyes, I sensed the rolling motion of the house.  I doubted what I was seeing at first, but focusing intently, I saw that something really was happening.  I sat up quickly and then stood up just as the major rumble shook the entire house!  The only way to describe it was that it felt like the whole house was rolling across huge timbers laid down underneath it.  

I jumped over to stand in the major archway between the living room and the TV room as the dogs ran all around me, barking incessantly.  It was pure chaos as I realized an earthquake (really?) was shaking up Davis Avenue!  Once that major rumble ceased, I called the dogs, and we all hurried out the backside of the house to the deck.  'Rumblin', Bumblin', Stumblin' - yes, I did heard Chris Berman of ESPN in my head as I was trying to make my way out of the house, dodging the dogs who were certainly spooked.  

Not long after we got outside did I begin to hear emergency sirens all around the city.  I reached for my Blackberry and quickly posted to Facebook, "An earthquake in Alexandria!"  (I take a small amount of pride in that I was the 1st of all our Fb friends to post.)

Afterward I walked through the house and saw some things had toppled over, but nothing had broken.  I saw our neighbor across the street outside surveying his house for any damage.  We spoke briefly, then saw another neighbor who's son had just returned back to UVa in Charlottesville (apparently not far from the epicenter).  He frantically tried to contact his son but the cells were all busy.  Back in the house, I checked downstairs to ensure we had no ruptured pipes or leaky fixtures.

Earlier in the day at school, a small group of us walking across The Grove at VTS were heading back to class after a coffee break.  After someone mentioned we were expecting heavy rain due the Hurricane Irene coming up the eastern seaboard, another person began enumerating all the natural disasters she had witnessed or experienced.  She'd never been in an earthquake.

Hmmm. Well now.  From her lips to God's ears need not apply anymore.  I'm just sayin'.