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Candidacy Process

Friday last week, I met with the diocesan Committee on Priesthood (COP) to seek their endorsement of me as a Candidate for Holy Orders. It went well. I was grateful for some familiar faces there, and felt encouraged in my progress in education, formation, and articulation to pursue this call to ordination. But the phone call expected that day regarding their decision never came, so it was an evening/ overnight stirred with anxiety.

The following morning, I felt compelled to contact my COP representative (also the committee chair) via email for an answer. He replied pretty quickly, apologized for the omission, and then offered assurances I was moving forward. I was grateful.

Tuesday this week, I saw my Bishop at the seminary; he seemed to think things were proceeding well. 

Today's email included a letter dated last Friday (11/4/11) from the Committee on Priesthood to my Bishop that "recommends [me] as a Candidate for Priesthood. YAY! Again, I am grateful. The waves continue to swell, but I am finding wings to rise above them. 

I go to the Standing Committee next Thursday, Nov. 17th at 1:15-2:00 p.m.  Prayers are needed and most welcome.