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I Believe

 After wrestling with my final Systematic Theology paper, I closed the paper with a paraphrased creed by which I operate:


          I believe in a Creator God who is “bigger than all of this,” the active agent of change in this world
                                    providing for us, who wants us to trust by “letting go and letting God.”
                   I am called to be in relationship with this God, and to invite others to know God as I do,
                                             remembering always who God is, and who I am not.
                                                  God is, God is Love, and the soul is immortal.
I believe that Scripture, Tradition and Reason show us the Holy Scriptures 
are given to be believed, interpreted, and to bring life into our communities.
I believe God has invited us to become co-creators of our futures.
I believe that God is Love--Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier--prompting the work in and of God’s people throughout the world.
I believe that Jesus Christ is the Logos of God incarnate, come into this world as the revelation of God’s self to all.
I believe Jesus Christ is the vehicle for God’s redeeming grace.
I believe in the Holy Spirit which brought forth life, promotes holy living, and moves throughout the world, guiding us to Truth.
I believe the Spirit is working in and outside the Church to gather others to Christ.