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This excerpt is courtesy of an on-line email exchange from the Society of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE) in a new daily work of inspiration called "Brother, Give Us a Word." I normally post these to Facebook to share more readily, but sometimes the message exceeds the character count Fb allows. So in the interest of keeping this morsel of delight, I'll post it here for my mere blog readership to enjoy:

"This season of Epiphany, following Christmastide and prior to Lent, is a season when we remember the “manifestation” of God in ways and to people who would not have seemed first on the list.  Jesus consistently showed the warmest welcome to people who otherwise did not show up on the usual invitation lists—because of their race, or religion, or vocation, or gender, or marital status, which hit pretty close to the bone for Jesus."
                                                                                         ~ Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE